Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Premier Copper Plush

Sale Price: $1,459.00

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Adjustable Friendly
Adjustable Friendly
Cooling Technology
Cooling Technology
Individually Wrapped Coils
Individually Wrapped Coils


Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Premier Copper Plush

Sale Price: $1,459.00


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The Copper Plush

A responsive innespring mattress combined with body-hugging memory foam and the added support of Sealy's exclusive Posturepedic Technology for unparalleled comfort. The Copper Plush brings all of that together in a plusher feel.


Posturepedic Technology

Exclusive to Sealy, Posturepedic Technology leverages 65 years of experience to provide support that's right for you. Sealy understands the human body and that each part of you needs a different kind of support. That's why Sealy's exclusive Posturepedic Technology targets the heaviest part of your body, with reinforced support where you need it most. Only Posturepedic Technology's zoned support gives you deep, targeted support for exceptional all-over comfort.

Ultimate Comfort

No matter who you are you or how you sleep there's a Sealy mattress designed to balance the support you need with the feel you prefer. Sealy's years of expertise guarantee that, whether you like soft or firm, you'll never give up comfort for support.

Engineered for Exceptional Quality

Sealy mattresses are precisely engineered and tested beyond industry standards until they meet Sealy's higher standards to deliver quality and durability. And they're backed by 5 and 10 year warranties so you can be confident that your Sealy will support you for years to come.

Smart Innovation

Sealy focuses on innovative technology that matters most and that can deliver real value for you. That means no gimmicks; only proven advances that make a real difference for a reasonable price.

Designed and Built in The U.S.A.

Sealy mattresses are designed and built in the U.S.A. so you can count on the lasting quality that American workmanship delivers. What's more, when you buy a Sealy product you know you're supporting American jobs and families.


Adjustable Friendly!

This mattress is adjustable friendly! It works great with the Ease by Sealy adjustable foundation.



  • Cover
    • Premium Stretch Cover
      • Mid-loft, soft knit fabric with durable spun yarns for a plush feel next to your body.
  • Reinforcement
    • 0.5" SealyConform Gel Memory Foam with Cooling Material
      • Gel memory foam infused with cooling material for body-conforming support and more comfortable sleep.
  • Comfort Layer
    • 2" SealyConform Gel Memory Foam with Cooling Material
      • Gel memory foam infused with cooling material for body-conforming support and more comfortable sleep.
    • 2" SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam
      • High quality cushioning foam.
  • Support System
    • 875 Density Zoned Sealy Embrace Premier Coil
      • Exclusive coil design provides the perfect balance of comfort and deep down support for a superior night's rest, tempered for the utmost quality.
      • In the center zoned, nearly 20% more coils supporting the heaviest part of your body, where you need it most.
  • Edge
    • SolidEdge HD Premier System
      • The premium version of our mattress edge so you can use the full surface of the mattress for sitting and sleeping.
  • Approx. Mattress Height
    • 12.5"
  • Warranty
    • 10 year


About Sealy

Generations of Americans have swung their feet over the edge of a Sealy bed and taken on the new day. They've worked hard. They've raised families. They've built a great country. They have been, and still are, the backbone of their communities. The opportunity to be a part of their lives, to support them in every amazing thing they do, is what has inspired Sealy's finest innovations.

At Sealy, they take pride in the fact that customers have always been able to rely on them for the unsurpassed support, unrivaled durability and enduring comfort that lead to a truly great night's sleep. They believe deeply that by continuing to focus on and engage with the remarkable, and remarkably diverse, individuals who entrust their sleep to Sealy the dreamers and the doers, the big and the small, the newly hired and the newly retired, they will never lose sight of what matters. To Sealy. And to them.

Every day, and every night, since 1881.

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