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Sleep makes you smarter.

While you sleep, your brain is busy sorting, organizing, and storing your day away. REM is the restorative sleep that consolidates new memories and new learnings. Sleep more to stay sharp.

Over 18% of adults say they experience forgetfulness.

Sleep to become more fit.

Sound, restorative sleep helps your muscles recover faster, while insufficient sleep is known to weaken your body - especially the immune system. More shuteye can improve your overall health.

Good sleep increases the loss of fat by 55% and decreases muscle mass loss by 60%.

Sleep more to get more done.

We’ve all been there. Insufficient sleep affects your ability to concentrate and retain information. Restful sleep will not only make you a better decision maker, you’ll perform better and make fewer mistakes.

Lack of sleep reduces productivity by up to 25% in the workplace.

Sleep makes you happier.

Did you know consistent sleep helps boost your overall mood and happiness? In fact, deep restful REM sleep gives you a lower stress response so you can be the best version of yourself all day.

60% increase in negative emotional reactions vs. a well-rested control group.

Now you know why sleep is so important. Let’s find the perfect mattress for you.


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