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We're not relationship counselors, but a little bird told us you and your bedding have been drifting apart lately. "Apart," as in it's on the floor while you're sweating it out in bed. It breaks our hearts to hear about good bedding getting dumped in the summertime, while sleepers are left high and not-so-dry, uncomfortable in a bare bed. Can you relate? It might be time to move on. If you and your bedding are "taking a break, "we'd be happy to play matchmaker. Let's talk.

All good relationships are founded upon honesty, but if you're still using a regular old pillow with one of the few standard fillings out there, you've already begun on a dishonest foot. Annoying as it may be, common knowledge says that you have to keep turning to get to the "cool side" of the pillow. Well, no more. Malouf's Carbon Cool + Omniphase pillow is putting the cool side on your side, always.

The most attractive feature of the Carbon Cool pillow happens to be the greatest thing since memory foam: phase change material, or PCM. Malouf's OmniPhase microencapsulated PCM is thoughtfully designed to keep you cool in a few different ways. The Carbon Cool's supportive memory foam is infused with graphite (hence "Carbon"), know for its efficient thermal conductivity. The graphite works on a molecular level to create channels that conduct heat away from the head, face and neck. Best of all, you won't have to worry about not seeing enough of each other. In addition to regulating humidity, the Carbon Cool's tencel mesh covering ensures you're exposed to as much of the PCM as possible, maximizing the cooling power.

Luckily, unlike most significant others, your new pillow won't mind if you're not a one-cooling-technology kind of guy or gal. Open your heart to an Ice Tech Mattress Protector, too! Ice Tech fabric offers another line of defense against hot sleeping, designed to keep the body cool while keeping a mattress safe and clean. In addition to dust mites, liquid (read sweat), and allergens, the Ice Tech Protector is breathable, further helping to dissipate body heat.

A winning Carbon Cool and Ice Tech combination makes a long-term commitment to your new bedding easy, not scary! Come cool off at your local Bedzzz Express during the Sizzling Summer Sale, and we think you'll fall as hard as we have for the Carbon Cool + Omniphase pillow and the Ice Tech Mattress Protector. #WhereDreamsBegin

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