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Bamboo Sheets and Their Benefits

Have you been having a tough time getting a good night’s sleep? Are you a hot sleeper? Sometimes, all it takes to start getting a good night’s sleep is making a change in the kind of sheets on your bed. Bamboo sheets could be the answer to your sleep problems.

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo bed sheets are made of fibers from the bamboo plant. Because of the length of bamboo fibers, long threads can be spun the length of the sheet, allowing more space for threads to be woven together (

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable making them a much more environmentally friendly option. Bamboo sheets are ideal for people who are hot sleepers or have sensitive skin.

Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool and Comfortable?

Bamboo sheets are known for being extremely soft and offering a silky feeling. Since bamboo can provide more comfort at a lower thread count than traditional cotton, they also allow more air to escape and keep you cool at night.

Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Cotton Sheets?

Bamboo sheets have gained popularity over the past few years and rightfully so. The biggest things to consider when looking for the best sheets are comfort and breathability, life expectancy, and environmental impact. Here we will compare bamboo sheets to the premium cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton.

Comfort & Breathability

Bamboo sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets both have a luxurious, soft, silky feel. Several options are available with various thread counts as well that can impact the comfort of your sheets.

Bamboo sheets are known to be more airy and breathable than cotton sheets though and will let body heat escape leaving you cooler at night.

Life Expectancy

With any investment, it is helpful to know how long you expect the product to last. Bamboo sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets are both known to have long lifespans.

Both have been known to last for up to decades if cared for properly because they are made up of long fibers that stretch the length of the sheet. However, since bamboo does not absorb sweat and oil, this material is less likely to fade or stain over time.


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials that can be used. The main benefits of bamboo is that it grows extremely quickly, is easy to harvest, and requires no fertilizer or pesticide (

Oftentimes, pesticides are required to keep cotton safe during growth. Because of this harmful chemicals can make their way into the soil and eventually into waterways making cotton somewhat less environmentally friendly than bamboo ( However, sheets can be purchased that are made from organic cotton, offering a more sustainable option.

Our Opinion

If you are choosing your sheets solely based on comfort, we think that the decision is best left up to personal preference. However, it is hard to ignore the cooling, moisture-wicking ability, and sustainable benefits of bamboo sheets. In our opinion, bamboo sheets are better than Egyptian cotton sheets and are well worth the investment.

Ready to Purchase?

At Bedzzz Express, we carry Malouf Bamboo Sheet Sets. The sheets are composed of rayon from bamboo fibers. They have excellent breathability and temperature regulating abilities and are ideal for those with sensitive skin, as they are antibacterial and resistant to odors.

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