The Benefits of Sleeping on a TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme

When you want the soft, luxurious feel of a pillow top with the benefits of a Tempur-pedic, you can find the best of both worlds in the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme. Some of us just prefer a pillowy mattress, but having the famous body-aligning support of this product can actually help you sleep sounder and more comfortably, too.

The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme conforms to your body with a medium level of support. It's kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in that it's not too firm or too soft - it's just right! The material lightly conforms to your body for that tailored fit that relieves pressure points, reduces tossing and turning, and completely relaxes you. Other benefits include the breathability of the materials and keeping sleeping temperatures low for additional comfort.TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme

The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme is also a great investment when you think about its practical design because it returns to its original shape every morning. This benefit will help you get years of use out of your new mattress. You'll never have to flip it with its convenient one-sided design. Plus, it is designed with allergen and dust mite resistance in mind for a clean, healthy sleep!

This is the perfect mattress for people with a specific comfort level preference, and the reduced motion transfer makes it ideal for couples. Shoppers who have shied away from the brand before because of their traditional, more firm comfort styles should test out this mattress to see if they come away with a different experience. Visit one of our many Bedzzz Express showroom locations to try it for yourself today!