Box Springs: The Foundations of Support

Box Spring

When looking for a new mattress, many people forget the importance of a full sleep system. While manufacturers and showrooms focus on the quality and comfort, it's really important to have the right box spring. Not only does it keep your mattress from wearing, you also have better support. Mattresses are designed with a box spring in mind. Without one, it just won't offer the comfort and durability it is meant to have.

Take the Serta iComfort, for example, which is available at all Bedzzz Express locations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. This sleep system from Serta comes in two styles and therefore has two different bases for support. The StabL-Base Foundation is best for many of their models but perfect for the iComfort. The double beam design provides consistent support across the bottom of the mattress. This will help for even wear over the years. The foundation also isolates movement so if you're sleeping with a partner, your sleep won't be disturbed. If you choose the Motion Perfect Adjustable base, you have the support you need to adjust the mattress properly.

While many mattresses are sold together with a box spring, not all are the same. Whether you're looking at a basic spring mattress or something unique like the iComfort, sales representatives should be talking to consumers about a full sleep system, not just a mattress. Just like mattresses, the better the box spring, the more comfortable and durable of a sleep system. To avoid a restless night or back problems, look for full sleep systems for a better night's sleep.